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Drippler is one of the top app discovery players on mobile. We drive millions of high quality referrals to app downloads a month, and work with leading mobile app developers to boost their user acquisition efforts. Thanks to our native contextual ads, our partners are seeing significantly higher conversion and engagement rates compared to any other acquisition channel!


Free-to-Premium conversion rate of Drippler referrals is 223% of our average conversion


Drippler users have the highest conversion rate compared to all of our advertising channels

Native Experience - High Conversions

Users use Drippler to discover new app and games, and as a result our advertising offering is the most native and organic experience possible. Users read a review of your app and only click through the install button if they are genuinely interested. This results in high life-time value users for you and better ROI than anywhere else.

Tracking Partners

Drippler works with the leading tracking platforms. Can't find your solution here? Please let us know

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