From a eclectic pool of options, you can select what gadgets you "have" which you posses, and the ones you "want" which you are looking forward to get a hold of. The essence of this feature is that, the articles about the gadgets you've selected will end up amassed and organized into one news feed. Therefore, all the unnecessary news will be eradicated and the ones you find enthusiasm in, are the ones which will be displayed. A very notable and convenient feature, because it gives us the choice of which updates we will receive. So no unwanted news or updates will be shown, and the important ones will be.
So in a very brief sense, that's what Drippler is about. It aggregates a plethora of news about ALL gadgets and puts it in one workable webpage. Very handy and lot of time is saved. Going to a roster of websites individually is such a cumbersome task. So if you want a more viable option, you won't go wrong with Drippler. It even sends you e-mails on gadget updates if you choose so.


To finally lay a judgement, Drippler is a very convenient and helpful site if one wants to hop onto the tech bandwagon. It is a great way way of keeping updated and staying knowledgeable, since technology is fast growing, it is hard to get a clear grasp of what's happening all at once.