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  • Waking Up With Alarm Clock Plus

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    How many of you are too familiar with alarm clocks that fail to go off in the morning? Or if they go off, you hit snooze over and over? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that! Isn’t it frustrating to be off to work in the morning before you could have that much needed cup of coffee? I haven’t had that problem since downloading Alarm Clock Plus, by  Binary Tactics, LLC. This isn’t your typical little Android alarm clock..

    There is actually a lot to this little alarm. In the menu tab, you have your settings, your alarms and your white noizzz. “Alarms” is that’s pretty self explanatory. White Noizzz is an app you can download for free, that works with this alarm clock. Then you have the Settings, where you can customize your alarms, from the colors to the wallpapers to the fonts.











    This thing even has a alarm for naps! How cool it that?! You can also set this to play the weather before you get up, and it can also play music that’s on your SD card. It does have snooze that you can customize. You can even set it to have you do a little math. That way there is no oversleeping. This alarm is really nice and extremely helpful for my early mornings!

    You can find Alarm Clock Plus in the Android Market for free (supported by ads), and the Ad Free version, which is $1.79. Let us know what alarm app you use by dropping  a comment below!

    sviluppo software professionale android

    Alarm Clock Plus?
    cvp - Alarm Clock Plus
    Link Android Market

    sviluppo software professionale android

    Alarm Clock Plus(NoAds)
    cvp - Alarm Clock Plus
    USD 1.79
    Link Android Market

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