Here at Drippler, we love making your life easier. From automatically detecting your device, to bringing you personalized news and updates directly to your mobile device, we've done it yet again! Mobile lovers, allow us to introduce you to the top 10 Android apps discovered on Drippler this past month!

You've spoken and we've listened - that's what we do! All of the top 10 Android apps discovered on Drippler this month received a rating of at least four stars on the Google Play Market, but we didn't run a generic search for the top apps on the Play Market - this list is comprised ofyour favorite apps that you discovered here on Drippler.

Now it's our turn to pay it forward and share this month's favorites with the rest of the world: sharing is caring! Whether you're new to Drippler, or have been with us from the start, let us continue to help you kick back and enjoy the best of what's available for your mobile device - without having to search for it yourself!

Be sure to try out Drippler's top 10 - they're all free!

Top 10 Android Apps
Tamar Trocki
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