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Curtis Eyres     26m ago
203 7 15m ago
  • Lopez J. 26m ago
    Under 25, hmmm... I would suggest you invest a bit more to buy a JBL clip its 27.99 USD. Or go on amazon and get a soundbot SB571. At the moment its 19.89 USD.
  • Hal Roberts 25m ago
    I have the Bose Soundlink mini I got mine for $100 off of ebay
  • Linda Klein 25m ago
    Why' yes I just got mine from Wal-Mart. I
  • Linda Klein 25m ago
    I researcjed for days. Its a 29.0
  • Linda Klein 25m ago
    Its a beat box from Walmart and it's 1999 and it's the best thing since Swiss cheese you love it the base is great it goes 30 feet good luck
  • Cam Robinson 24m ago
    Jam speaker 20 pound from curry's or tesco
  • Shedletsky the Talking husky 15m ago
    I recommend the bem mojo 2. Its a wireless, portable, small bluetooth speaker you can buy at costco for only 65 US dollars. It sounds crazy good when bass boosted! Literally the best mini Bluetooth speaker out there! You can buy one for 32-33 dollars. But i think you should buy 2 for 65 dollars. Not only for longer lasting 16 hours of playing music or whatever. but to get the best results of bass!