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Josh Yii     27m ago
Best headphone
474 12 15m ago
  • Emmett Turner 27m ago
    Up your budget alot anything under 20 is cheap shit start with 50$ price minimum
  • Cyn Thompson 26m ago
    Skull Candy has 2 different sets of headphones that are $20 nd under. They sound great especially for the price!
  • Bobbie Rosenbalm 26m ago
    I agree skull candy does work great and under 20...
  • Alexys Hampton 24m ago
    Yep definitely skull candy i love them their cheep and sound awesomw
  • Sumat Singh 24m ago
    Senheiser HD200 are pretty decent as well.
  • Taylor Howard 24m ago
    Hah! I go wireless. Look up QY7 either on wish or amazon you will be happy
  • Zaid Bagkari 23m ago
    Senheiser cx 180 is best...but without microphone
  • Harry Dean 23m ago
    Real tech Wal-Mart sells for $5 and they wind up so the don't tangle
  • Don Michael Corbin 21m ago
    Jams Transit Over the Ear Headphones, Bluetooth, 11 hrs playtime, excellent ability to take calls, and they sound great! $40 Walmart
  • Andrew Klassen 21m ago
    which skull candy model is it. i was also looking for a pair of headphones and i came across this conversation
  • Cyn Thompson 19m ago
    Sĸυll Candy ιѕ #1!!
  • Dhawal Chouhan 15m ago
    Ohk but can u help me out with best skull candy headphones under $45