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Krystillia Giron     37m ago
Lucid dreaming apps?
438 33 17m ago
  • Albert Dominguez 37m ago
    Mine is Tropical Rain sounds... favorite and Grooveshark do custom.playlist and your in Heaven dreaming about me. Lol
  • Albert Dominguez 37m ago
    SoundCloud good for streaming Chilkout music from.Springlady or Enigma etc hope it helps
  • Krystillia Giron 37m ago
    Thank you I appreciate it.
  • Albert Dominguez 37m ago
    Dreaming is truly the mind living out experiences. .. and creating new adventures I find that when I play music while I sleep I dream better.... go for ambient soothing nature sounds or Indian chants make for great dreams. Stay in touch. And sleep in the Cloud of Angels
  • Krystillia Giron 37m ago
    Yeah I have a hard time sleeping, trying to find new ways to help me sleep.
  • Albert Dominguez 37m ago
    I would recommend a few but prefer not to publicly address several key ways to relax. ..albertdominguez101@gmail.
  • Albert Dominguez 37m ago
    Would be a more serene way to communicate. ,.,. Several of them work for me ex EMS. Personnel
  • Krystillia Giron 37m ago
    Alright I will shoot you an email.
  • Aqib Sharif 37m ago
  • Bouraima Naon 37m ago
  • Brand Luci 37m ago
    Search it in playstore and it should bring up a dozen such claiming apps.
  • Krystillia Giron 37m ago
    Uh hello
  • Sammy R 37m ago
    Have trouble sleepin also there's a whole bunch in play store. I tried a couple but none helped
  • Len Kutchma 37m ago
    Trying to load previous comments crashes the Drippler app for me. As such, I don't know if anyone has mentioned it yet but my personal favourite is Lighting Bug. It is a free app and most of the plugins for it are also free. It features a wide range of looping sounds from white noise to singing birds to thunderstorms and everything in between.
  • Pete Z 37m ago
    Try Imagining a scenario where you have to pretend to be asleep. I've always had trouble falling asleep, and that works me!
  • tony almeda 37m ago
    I just got relax rain and I think it s perfect , rain sounds, and runs when phone is in sleep mode
  • Krystillia Giron 37m ago
    Thank you guys. (:
  • Zach Santos 37m ago
    What i do is use pv star, it's on the Amazon store. I made a playlist of ASMR. Sleep as Android has a lucid dreaming function too
  • Sebastiao Alves 37m ago
    que linda você ?
  • Ani Mukherjee 27m ago
    Moodify Relax app in the merket...I am using the whole day