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Ximena Ortiz     28m ago
Any Apps I can download
550 15 14m ago
  • Steven Recinos 28m ago
    Clash of clans
  • Steven Recinos 28m ago
  • Gavin M 28m ago
    Doodle God, or Hanger
  • Ben B. 28m ago
  • Bret NH 28m ago
    Mortal Kombat X is really fun!
  • Mohammed Talaat 26m ago
    FxGuru: Movie FX Director , this is a good one
  • Phanomsinh Chitthavong 25m ago
    Brain wars
  • Ani Mukherjee 25m ago
    Moodify Relax melody...the best relaxing app I found
  • Andy Croubaugh 25m ago
    Yes...try way to relax is music
  • bhobhalan began 25m ago
    Elevate,peak,clash of clans,spotify,moodify,christmas
  • Kaido Yandatto 25m ago
    Stick with Android
  • Thomas Rush 24m ago
    Ximena, what do u like, meaning games, books magazines they even have if u get lazy ones that read back of my while your reading it reads back but if like send me a mssg and could help u look for something u like, I'm at thomasrush85@,gmail
  • Cindy Cumming 15m ago
    Moodify Relax full version is out guys
  • Shedletsky the Talking husky 15m ago
    Try minecraft PE. Only 6.99$.
  • Karen Loveland 14m ago
    Wizard of Oz Magic Match. It's similar to Candy Crush because you have to combine bonuses to clear the screen, but much more fun. I got stuck on a level with CC h finally deleted the game. I refuse to pay money to play.