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Angela Hoerst     20m ago
Calendar and note taking app that syncs with Google?
183 15 17m ago
  • Cortez Thompson 19m ago
    I'd like to know this also.
  • MangaAddict 19m ago
    Try and cal. Both by the same devs. Really nice design.
  • Angela Hoerst 19m ago
    Ive tried them both, not quite what I'm looking for. Oh wait. Maybe I need to use them together?
  • MangaAddict 19m ago
    Lol. Yea, they compliment each other
  • Thomas Krpata 19m ago
    If your looking for just a calendar app a new one is out, I love it, called OneView
  • Aerial Aerins 19m ago
    One Calendar... but you'll have to set up a Microsoft account - All free. Including cloud storage.
  • Angela Hoerst 19m ago
    Solcalendar!! I just found it in an article on drippler. It is everything I was looking for. If you need a to do list and agenda that syncs across Google and your calendar with fantastic widgets, this is the one.
  • J. Kellogg 19m ago
    This one may seem like it's out of the blue, but try 'Informant.'
  • Saeed Kaghazchi 19m ago
    Google calendar and Google keep....
  • Cortez Thompson 19m ago
    I tried solcalendar. It's awesome with lots of different widgets for your home screen.
  • Angela Hoerst 19m ago
    Solcalender is amazing and exactly what I was looking for!!
  • Thomas Krpata 19m ago
    I use OneView (Awesome Calendar) and ToDoist
  • Muhammad Rafay 18m ago
    Oneview calendar and evernote.
  • Papi Lidovho 18m ago
    I use 'aCalendar+' by Tapir apps GmbH. It syncs with Google and is great for setting appointments. Not sure about note taking though.
  • Cortez Thompson 17m ago
    Sol Calendar is awesome. Syncing with Google, to do list, maps. Very useful.