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Kerim Dzhigirkhanov     21m ago
Automatically change wallpapers
268 16 7m ago
  • Marie Abarzua 21m ago
    Yes. Wallrox wallpaper. You can set the wallpaper to change however u want, every 4 hrs, 8 hrs, or every 24 hrs. Whatever u want.
  • Marie Abarzua 21m ago
    When u open the app on the right hand side you'll see 3 dots, click that and you'll see "Muzei settings" and that's where u can set your time to change your wallpaper
  • Kerim Dzhigirkhanov 21m ago
    Can i choose what pics i want?
  • ajay kumar 21m ago
  • Kevin Young 21m ago
    I have the ttorent app trying to search for some music but when I do it goes straight to Google can someone one help me please
  • Kerim Dzhigirkhanov 21m ago
    I can't choose the pics from my gallery it only works with pics from the app
  • Dhruv Trivedi 21m ago
    Check out tapet
  • Christopher Falconer Jr. 21m ago
    Zedge you can tap on settings/auto update wall paper. The lowest it will go as far as change I'd every hour.
  • paul tebb 20m ago
    Wallpaper changer is the best one I've used. You can change your wallpapers as quickly as every minute if you wanted or even set it to change every time you unlock your phone.
  • paul tebb 20m ago
    Oh and you can add a folder from your gallery
  • Anthony Hernandez 20m ago
    Use tapet it's an amazing app.
  • Amanda 20m ago
    I used an app called TapDeck for a while. It's not a regular wallpaper app, but instead it displays photos relating to featured artcles from all over the Web. You can choose when our how often the picture changes or you can manually change the picture by gesturing on the screen. You can gesture on the picture and a side bar pops up with more info, and link to the artcle, about the given picture that's currently your wallpaper. There are some social features as well but it's not over kill like so many other apps these days. Basically you can save your favorite pictures/stories and browse other people's collections. It's actually a pretty cool app. honestly though i had to Uninstal it for a while because I'd pick up my phone top do something and wind up getting side tracked by the app. It's addicting to tap, change background, learn about something new, tap, change background, something new. .. you always wonder what the next one will be.
  • Kerim Dzhigirkhanov 20m ago
    Sounds like a battery killer to me :/
  • Stephen Giles 20m ago
    CLARO Random Wallpaper Changer is on the Drips page (well it is for me) & seems to do what you're asking about
  • Nathan T. Orr 20m ago
    Zedge comes with a widget. This widget has two halves. Touching the left half switches wallpaper at your disposal. Touching the right half opens the Zedge app. I love it. Change wallpaper whenever I feel the need.
  • Ivor Davies 7m ago
    Tape is great, but you need to pay for the pro version if you want to use your own wallpapers.