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Denise Hernandez     19m ago
Best mobile security app for Android Galaxy s6
100 12 17m ago
  • Amanda 19m ago
    Honestly 99% of the mobile security apps in the Playstore are unnecessary bloat that make false claims about thier protection. Mobile devices are far less vulnerable to viruses and malware than pc's are, as long as you're not downloading things from shady websites. As long as you use the Playstore or another source you trust (such as xda) to download apps, and you don't download music from any of those ad filled, redirect websites, the average user should be fine. most browsers, especially chrome, already warns users about sites that may not be secure and they have phishing protection built in. As far as the Boosting part, those apps are one of the worst things you can use on your phone. Those 'speed boost' and "ram saver " apps can actually slow your phone down and cause errors. Mobile devices aren't PCs. They are built to run optimally with all those background processes running. In fact, the constant force stops and ram cleanings that Boosting apps do can cause your device to start having more errors, use more battery, and run slower. for the Temp issues, manually doing things like turning off gps and bluetooth while not in use and lowering your screen brightness will go a long way to keeping your device cool. Keep in mind that streaming services such as Spotify or YouTube use a lot of power and resources to run, so your phone will heat up while using them. Just give your device a 5 minutes break if you feel it getting warm and you'll be fine.
  • Leonhard C 19m ago
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  • Stephen Giles 19m ago
    If you're not downloading apk files and have download from unknown sources unchecked then you don't need a "security" app.
  • Karma Jane 19m ago
    hi i need help asap.. i think my partner had done something on my s6.. my searches are weird. and if i do manage to find a proper website i cant seem to access them.websites will have long added words on them.
  • J. Kellogg 19m ago
    Denise, what the others have to say is largely true. I do, however, still take time to clear our the caches various apps create and it can help (marginally at least) the performance of those apps. In that regard CCleaner is free and well recognized in both the laptop/desktop world's as well as mobile. Personally I like a bit more sophistication and use ES File Manager Pro. It's primarily a file manager but does a number of other things too.
  • J. Kellogg 19m ago
    On the a/v and security side, yes, while it's somewhat true that the Android economic system is most robust in warding off a/v and mallard attackis, I think it's naive to think that protect ion is not necessary. More than naive, it can be dangerous. (Do a we search on the term "Quadrooter" and you'll see what I mean.) I don't think the overhead and cost of a security app is too big of a price to pay.
  • J. Kellogg 19m ago
    In that regard I recommend you checkbook out the site "avtest.
  • J. Kellogg 19m ago
    "" It's arguably the most highly respected, independent test lab for a/v products out there for all devices. Currently I use Bitdefender, but others do just as well. Some? Not so much. Check out the site and you'll see what I mean. (No, I don't have any connection nor financial interest in it's just a good, reliable source for research on decisions in this area.
  • Praveen A 19m ago
    No need
  • Praveen A 19m ago
    Other wise use "McAfee" mobile security
  • Kategaming Tv 17m ago
  • Chris Buyze 17m ago
    Just pickup CM Security it'll do. With the amount of malware being written everyday ...gotta get hooked up