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vijaya manohar     12m ago
How to download paid apps free?
805 37 27d ago
  • Return Zero 12m ago
    google it
  • Muhammad Rafay 12m ago
    Dear, it is wrong to get those apps for free. :( the developers have worked so hard to make an app. They are also humans and they need to be paid for their work. Thanks
  • Shelly Lange 12m ago or the aptoide app. Just be very careful of viruses
  • Shahzu N Lucky 12m ago
    Open from web and download all the best app free
  • Stefan Zivkovic 12m ago
    Mobilism.. i have many premium apps, yet no problems with virus
  • BipedManatee6 Gaming 12m ago
  • Stefan Zivkovic 12m ago
    Google mobilism on browser get into forum, download app and instal then search for apps u need, or go on apkgalaxy download on pc then connect on android and transfer then instal...easy
  • Sean Osborne 12m ago
    PSA(Public Service Announcement)- Installing ripped off APKS(Apps) is the #1 way to get malware and viruses. If you think your dumb antivirus app is going to save you, it isn't. Anyone who installs pirated(stolen) apps deserves viruses(you're losers).
  • vijaya manohar 11m ago
    Thanku one and all for your kind information
  • Stefan Zivkovic 11m ago
    Sean get a gun kill urself
  • Sean Osborne 11m ago
    Nope. Im not a loser. Like people who use paid apps for free.
  • Sean Osborne 11m ago
    And in all seriousness, using free paid apps is the best way to get malware and viruses.
  • David Kinlay 11m ago
    Sean, there's no way to get the horse to drink even though you brought it to water. They'll do as they must, and suffer the consequences
  • Sean Osborne 11m ago
    And suffer I hope they do. I hate thieves.
  • Sean Osborne 11m ago
    I hope Google catches them and bans their Google accounts
  • David Kinlay 11m ago
    Sean, what phone are you using presently. My htc one m8 doesn't appear to be getting the nougat update
  • Sean Osborne 11m ago
    Note 5
  • Sean Osborne 11m ago
    Mines getting Nougat via CM14. Screw factory updates
  • David Kinlay 11m ago
    A Samsung, okay. I had a Galaxy Tab 2 but it was atrocious
  • mohamed fathi 11m ago
    Black market but you should have root access