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Bianca Randolph     19m ago
What is the absolute Best App to clean up junk & speed up Phone 4real?
152 4 7m ago
  • Muhammad Rafay 19m ago
    Sd maid!!!
  • Muhammad Rafay 19m ago
    You can actually note your gbs stored on your phone before cleaning up the device and check it after using the app. You will see the difference for sure.
  • Christopher Haley 19m ago
    Ive used Sd Maid And All in one ToolBox They Both seem good
  • Ivor Davies 7m ago
    Don't use a cleaner at all. Android already manages its own RAM pretty well. Cache files are there for a reason, they make your apps start faster when you want to use them. Often system cleaning apps just harvest your personal information and send it - usually unencrypted to China or elsewhere. System cleaning and antivirus as for Android is concerned are a total waste of time and money.