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General Discussion
General Discussion
James Elliott     29m ago
Ask me anything about phones tablets or computers and I'll see if I can answer
316 39 3m ago
  • Rhonda Boggess 24m ago
    I am running CM Launcher and i was hoping that you know a way to use Kitty Play Icons on the desk top and in the app drawers.
  • Jared Bronson 24m ago
    Can a phone be a tablet if it really wants to be? What are tablets anyway? Can I be a tablet?
  • Abhishek Pinjani 24m ago
    can we connect pd or any other drives to ipad mini2 through otg or anyother cables.??
  • Harry Snider 24m ago
    Is there anyway to recover email on moto x that has been deleted from trash?
  • Lee Trimnal 24m ago
    Marshmallow cant get run right but download and
  • Joe Mccleary 24m ago
    How do i get past my patern lock hard reset
  • Lee Trimnal 24m ago
    Someone like standing next to me is in my Android can i stop the her from being all over everything i do..
  • Kenny Shaff 24m ago
    I have the samsung j36 do you when update will come for marshmallow and how can i get rid of bloatwhere with rooting my phone
  • Muhammad Rafay 24m ago
    Joe, boot into recovery mode and reset!
  • Dacia Tupling 24m ago
    K. Obsidian z820 5.1 did the kingroot thing! Rootcheck sez it is! Now what? O u backd sys up n will do nandroid thing. But wat next? I read wats involved in getting Google play back..i guess i have to put Rom on it? Idk what to do next?
  • B Well 23m ago
    How to move apps to sd card on s7
  • Matt Simpson 23m ago
    It looks like he can't answer any questions. LoL. This was posted almost a year ago and he doesn't know
  • Dotan Ben-Tov 23m ago
    Is there a way to enable fm radio on s7 edge? There is no original app for that when I got the phone
  • Shuiz Kneez 23m ago
    How do i remove icloud from a1395. Previous owner died. I can
  • Shuiz Kneez 23m ago
    Help me out matt
  • Matt Simpson 23m ago
    Is it an iPhone or iPad?
  • Muhammad Haroon 22m ago
    When i try to see a streaming video after some seconds video freeze and audio go well...
  • muhammad usama 22m ago
    which is the best pc(all requirements) for games do you suggest?
  • chris magallanes 21m ago
    My wifi isnt working on my desktop windows 7 it's says no avable connects
  • Shubham Jain 21m ago
    I have deleted my google play gamer id .. can i get it back with my last xp and sign in games.. due to my fault now i cannot be able to get my clash of clans id back also? Please help if u can!!!