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General Discussion
General Discussion
James Elliott     26m ago
Ask me anything about phones tablets or computers and I'll see if I can answer
315 39 1m ago
  • cecil smith 19m ago
    How do I hook up the iPad 2 on Samsung Dongle
  • lisa yuris 19m ago
    I think there's a sms forwarding hack on my phone but no security is detecting one, what do I do
  • Keith Rosen 19m ago
    What is the best app to check an android phones health?
  • Jay Baradza 18m ago
    I have Sony Xperia z3 running Android marshmallow. I want to root it without a pc. Can someone send me the download link for the best application which I can use to root my phone.
  • Praish R Dhiman 18m ago
    Hi, I have an unlocked sprint n910p device. I am using it with lollipop 5.1.1 rom and it's working perfectly in India but it's not showing network after update to marshmallow. Mobile data is not working in any of these os. Please help, or share any working rom link. TIA
  • abhinav dachepalli 18m ago
    I have recently bought Samsung galaxy note 7 in Singapore. But im from India so I came back. Now I can't return my phone in india because international warranty is not valid here. Now what should I do. Should i use my phone or stop using it.
  • Jacob Still 18m ago
    So... On a scale of 1 to 10?
  • Reginald Springer 18m ago
    My lg stylo 2 just got a software update a few days ago and i dont see any difference...any idea what it was?
  • Sharon Yvette Welch 18m ago
    How do I move pics and videos from my device (Galaxy
  • Sharon Yvette Welch 18m ago
    How do I move is and video from my device Galaxy S7 to SD card?
  • Sharon Yvette Welch 18m ago
    How do I move pics and videos from my device Galaxy S7 to SD card?
  • Vansh Dhawan 18m ago
    Is there any way to make 3g phone into 4g?
  • Phil Stewart 18m ago
    do I need a antivirus app on my phone or a junk app
  • Desmond Smith 18m ago
    Is there anyway to make the bluetooth volume louder?
  • Paul Wragg 17m ago
    How do I put a pin lock on when I turn my phone from off to on I've try ed pin code 1210 wot could the pin be
  • Sushabhan Bhattacharjee 17m ago
    I am using Lava V5 which is running Android 6.0 marshmallow. After upgrading my phone to marshmallow YouTube started crashing. I have even reset my phone but still YouTube crashes. Can I get some help?
  • Daniel Whicker 17m ago
    Do apps such as Clean Sweep, really speedup the phones performance?
  • Bharatbhai Patel 13m ago
    What is root ?
  • Virgena Bell 1m ago
    My Samsung Galaxy 4 tablet doesn't have external sound. I can use headphones but no external