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General Discussion
General Discussion
Christina Meadon     19m ago
What's everyone's top favourite must have apps.please share as looking for good apps
210 13 17m ago
  • swamy cm 19m ago
    Try music cube
  • Christina Meadon 19m ago
  • swamy cm 19m ago
    Your welcome
  • Eddylee hall 19m ago
    ES file explorer premium with the Chrome cast extension.
  • Muhammad Rafay 19m ago
    Are you rooted.?
  • Muhammad Rafay 19m ago
    Ampere, sd maid, the walking dead (game), limbo (paid game), es file Explorer, sd maid, dolphin browser, ogyoutube, whatsapp, swiftkey.... Want more? :p
  • Kiran kumar .B 19m ago
    Smart app lock, greenify, inshorts, easy touch, evernote, expense manager, super backup, etc etc
  • Christina Meadon 19m ago
    No I'm not rooted Muhammad
  • Christina Meadon 19m ago
    Going try out a couple of your suggestions. Thankyou.can you recommend any good games to kill time.
  • Christina Meadon 19m ago
    Not fighting games or ones that you have to keep going on to build or make stuff , just casual ones ?
  • Stephen Giles 19m ago
    We've had this discussion before. Look down the thread for heavens sake!!!!!!!!
  • Christian Dysthe 19m ago
    AntennaPod and Magic Keyboard 2
  • Phanomsinh Chitthavong 17m ago
    Doze. Google map. Opera.