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General Discussion
General Discussion
Adam Eisen     20m ago
BIG Updates are coming to Drippler and Discussions!
Announcement 163 8 17m ago
  • jesse Summers 19m ago
    How do you get the premium Drippler or it wiz?
  • Steven Paul 19m ago
    Second the previous question! You didn't mention the date or a time-frame for when existing users can get the "big discount" on the premium app. BTW - I can't believe you're offering the removal of sponsored drips! This is like a dream come true! I'm hoping that, when I sign up for Premium, I won't have to waste my time anymore figuring out if I'm about to download an app that got a rave review from Drippler, but 2 stars on Play (it's happened). Good luck on the rollout. I look forward to premium (DATE? lol)
  • Courtenay McKinnon 19m ago
    I'd love to know when we are getting the roll out. Plus also how do we get this premium feature?
  • Ipadmasterman ! 19m ago
    When will it come out? I have been waiting a while
  • Thomas Ward Sr. 18m ago
    Still nothing yet
  • Thomas Ward Sr. 18m ago
    So when is this gonna happen? I haven't received an update yet.
  • Daniel Aponte 18m ago
    I see a lot of bad reviews on this update
  • Yonathan Jewfoo 17m ago
    You going to get real and do your own testing and evaluation instead of relying on other sites paid handouts from sp8n doctors