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General Discussion
General Discussion
Clayton Moneymaker     18m ago
Who else is disgusted by all of the Note 7 propaganda? Samsung corrected it, Move on already.
125 6 16m ago
  • Jimmyz Back 18m ago
    Exactly! I'm so freaking sick of media outlets reporting this fifty times a day. Drippler is the worst offender! I use to come here for interesting news about android devices. Now, only Note 7 articles! Enough already!
  • Tanya Garlington 18m ago
    Yes please & thank you.
  • Lawrence Lam 18m ago
    Actually I prefer all phone can be have removable bettery so I will keeping to use LG phone
  • Steve Marquez 18m ago
    Seriously it's annoying. It's an amazing phone
  • Roscoe Ford 17m ago
    Is there any records as to when the note 7's fizzled in relation to first use? Maybe all the bad one's die quickly.
  • David Byrne 16m ago
    Interesting point...