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Amy Brown     20m ago
Wrong device, Drippler!
236 13 17m ago
  • Faris Nasir 20m ago
  • Amy Brown 20m ago
    So.... There's nothing I can do?
  • shubham pandey 20m ago
    Try reinstalling but it doesn't really make a difference if your device is not recognized
  • Amy Brown 20m ago
    It's new. I got the phone on the 1st and it had only been released the night before. Could that be the reason it wasn't recognized?
  • Faris Nasir 20m ago
    Yeah, give it time, than reinstall it, but it won't affect functionality
  • Amy Brown 20m ago
  • Ricki Ramirez 20m ago
    Yes...I have the exact same issue...
  • Amy Brown 20m ago
    Ricki, do you have the same phone? I reinstalled drippler and it still didn't recognize my phone.
  • Adam Eisen 20m ago
    Hi Amy - Adam here from the Drippler Team. I am so sorry we incorrectly detected your device. Please drop us a message via the support section of this app (settings >support>create new message) and we will then be able to resolve your issue. Thanks for your patience!
  • Ricki Ramirez 20m ago
    Yes Amy, same phone
  • Andrew Klassen 20m ago
    on many other things, my LG escape 2 is recognized as an optimus or the original escape, but this one recognized my device correctly
  • Lazo Lazo 20m ago
    Is your device rooted?
  • Shedletsky the Talking husky 17m ago
    My tablet is named wrong too. It says its an ideapad B8000. But its actually the original lenovo B8000 yoga tablet 8. Running Android 4.4.2 Kitkat? Hell no. Its RUNNING ANDROID 4.4.2 JELLYBEAN!