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Software Updates
Software Updates
Val Lucero     20m ago
Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)
153 8 17m ago
  • Mark Prescher 20m ago
    Hi Val. Yes, most likely, especially since its the J3 (2016). It also most likely will get the Android 7 Nougat update as well in a few months.
  • King Jay 19m ago
    I think you need a carrier, I'm not sure but I have At&t and already have the update
  • Val Lucero 19m ago
    My carrier is boost
  • Dana Anderson 19m ago
  • Manish Shroff 19m ago
  • Val Lucero 18m ago
    Thanks mark preacher.
  • Layachi Amine 17m ago
    I think is all of Galaxy J series 2016 will get marshmallow update.