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Software Updates
Software Updates
Angela Hoerst     16m ago
Just got some Android update, what is it??
404 9 15m ago
  • Wesley Patrick 16m ago
    Was it for AT&T? They released an updating adding in WiFi Calling and updating the security patch level to August
  • Wesley Patrick 16m ago
    My bad. July.
  • Angela Hoerst 16m ago
  • Carl Wood 16m ago
    I git the same thing on my moto g on at&t. Didn't notice anything different just assumed it was a security patch
  • Vivek Neelgund 16m ago
    when will moto g4 plus get android n update?
  • chanchal miss 16m ago
    Should be some bug fixes
  • Reginald Springer 16m ago
    I got the update as well...dont see any difference
  • Ipadmasterman ! 15m ago
    Mabry it is the google stagefrieght security update
  • Jehlan Ramsey 15m ago
    I got it too so too so it can't be from a network provider