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Software Updates
Software Updates
deep inder singh     18m ago
Android N
202 11 16m ago
  • deep inder singh 18m ago
    For nexus 6p
  • Shaik Sharukh 18m ago
    Me to bro..
  • deep inder singh 18m ago
    Great bro
  • Omar González 18m ago
    I want to know when N is coming to Nexus 6
  • Kerim Dzhigirkhanov 18m ago
    Do you prefer it over marshmallow? I'm buying a nexus 6p but I saw that there is almost no xposed mods for nougat
  • abdallah azizi 17m ago
    What is your phone
  • abdallah azizi 17m ago
    Oh 6p , i have 5x and still waiting
  • Kerim Dzhigirkhanov 17m ago
    Waiting for what? I'm getting the 6p
  • abdallah azizi 17m ago
    Waiting for the andriod N update on my 5x also many users for the same device had it long time ago
  • Paras Karkaulia 17m ago
    i have a lenovo zuk z1 pls tell when the update is coming to this device
  • Jehlan Ramsey 16m ago
    I have a Galaxy Tab A and I would like to know when I am getting the update galaxy tab a is made after s6 s6 edge s6 edge +