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Cameron Brooks     21m ago
What's the best antivirus program to use?
888 55 17m ago
  • georgepanathas2009 . 20m ago
    I dont think they can handle the virus issue...just waste of ram
  • Jonathon White 20m ago
    Delete the app that came with the virus and download a clean one
  • Cameron Brooks 20m ago
    Its Google chrome so should i disable it and find another web?
  • Jarrod Bush 20m ago
    No virus app. Don't be stupid and you won't get a virus.
  • Harbin Fetai 20m ago
    Do not use AntiVirus.
  • Johnny Morrison-Howe 20m ago
    Don't use an antivirus app. They just take up storage and RAM. A better idea is to just be careful and not to do anything shady unless you know what you're doing.
  • Johnny Morrison-Howe 20m ago
    Also if it's Chrome telling you that there is a virus, there's a really high chance that you visited a scam website.
  • Sean Osborne 20m ago
    The best AntiVirus is a good adblocker/hosts file.
  • Benjamin Rodriguez Jr. 20m ago
    I agree with Johnny. Many websites on chrome have fake virus scan websites. Do listen to them
  • Benjamin Rodriguez Jr. 20m ago
    Do not*
  • Sean Osborne 20m ago
    Yeah a good adblocker/hosts file blocks those websites. Which is why it's the best solution. You cant "Click Here" if there is nothing there to click
  • Adrian Rogers 20m ago
    Can someone please tell me if there is any point of having a anti virus like is the any paint the chances of actually getting a virus while let consider I only do some average searching have to be at least nearly 0 right????
  • jason halley 20m ago
    I use lookout and have for years it works pretty good it has caught a few malewares
  • CraftyBacon YT 20m ago
    Lookout seems fine i like it
  • Justin Baughman 20m ago
    Cm security lite is a really small antivirus and really effective try it you'll like it more than any other antivirus
  • Christopher Haley 20m ago
    Dont use no Cm Products they send your info to China
  • Ivor Davies 20m ago
    I use Malware Bytes for Android. You don't need an anti virus or a system cleaner for that matter. Waste of time and money and could potentially really screw your phone up.
  • Justin Baughman 20m ago
    No they don't quit being paranoid. They gather information just like EVERY SINGLE APP EVER MADE to make their service better
  • Christopher Haley 20m ago
    If your gonna use a Cleaner id say use either Ccleaner or sd maid just gotta be careful what you delete...and you can use a Antivirus if ya want...i just malwarebytes
  • Robert Hering 20m ago
    Your phone can't get a virus.. Get All in one tool box...