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Adam Eisen     15m ago
BIG Updates are coming to Drippler and Discussions!
Announcement 724 37 10m ago
  • David Kinlay 15m ago
    That's going to be Interesting!
  • Sufiyan Bilimoria 14m ago
    Any specific date/time?
  • Carl Wood 14m ago
    This app is due for something new
  • Sufiyan Bilimoria 14m ago
    Yeah been a while still waiting for that update
  • Carl Wood 14m ago
    The discussion part has went down the drain
  • Kourken Kasbarian 14m ago
    There will be exciting changes in the discussion section of Drippler, the update should be there in the next few days!!
  • Sufiyan Bilimoria 14m ago
    Finally lol you guys should of made the announcement later on and not too early
  • Kourken Kasbarian 14m ago
    Sufiyan actually I'm not a member of Drippler team, I'm just a user of Drippler, i just knew that an update will come to Drippler in this few days
  • Thomas Ward Sr. 14m ago
    Do we have to wait for the update in order to purchase the wiz?
  • Carl Wood 14m ago
    The wiz is free i wouldn't pay for it. It SUCKS!!!!
  • Sufiyan Bilimoria 14m ago
    How does an already existing user get the update early on is it through an APK link?
  • Carl Wood 14m ago
    Sure, download a third party apk for it. And enjoy the bugs and glitches
  • Sufiyan Bilimoria 14m ago
    That's not what im saying since they said existing users get the update earlier how are we gonna get it earlier?
  • Courtenay McKinnon 14m ago
    Does anyone know how we will be able to get the premium feature?
  • Jonathan Wilburn 14m ago
    Where to find the premium stuff?????
  • Carl Wood 14m ago
    I got an email today saying the update will be rolling out soon
  • David G 13m ago
    What happened to the big updae?
  • Sufiyan Bilimoria 13m ago
    It never came smh
  • Carl Wood 13m ago
    Lots of hype for nothing
  • David Kinlay 13m ago
    Maybe it's not available yet