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Bobby Kelly     18m ago
Is downloading a launcher like Nova, Go etc....Ok to do for your phone?
190 4 15m ago
  • Vickers Carter 18m ago
    Launchers have been around right from early android days and it's fine to use them on your phone you can do no harm to your phone with nova
  • Sean O'Hara 17m ago
    I have a total of 4 launchers currently on my phone. Google Now Launcher, Pixel Launcher, Action Launcher 3 and Evie. Im on a Nexus 6P and have not seen any issues with any of the four aforementioned launchers. Ive used a plethora of others as well. Some of the more fancy ones might decrease your battery life, but I have been using Evie for at least a week now and have actually seen improvements to the speed of the phone and my battery life. Of course, it will depend on your launcher and other variables, but all in all, launchers can add experiences to your phone that you may not have had on a stock launcher. Hope that helps a little.
  • Paul Blackman 15m ago
    I've tried loads of launcher's on my Samsung and the best one i think is Nova launcher.
  • Mohit Rewri 15m ago
    what okay , one you use nova you ll get addicted. then it does not matter which phone you use !