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Shelim Ahmed     17m ago
Galaxy S7 Edge battery drain issue? Anyone experiencing these issues?
17 3 17m ago
  • Mark Swain 17m ago
    I'm afraid that it may be a faulty device. I had issues with my s7 edge draining the battery faster than I could charge it, then I had a screen fault as well. I had to take it back to my local Samsung experience store where they changed the motherboard and the screen under warranty. What apps are causing the battery drain?
  • Shelim Ahmed 17m ago
    no apps are causing this battery drain. Ive researched and have done everything possible. Allot of people are having these issues including a few of my friends. I think it's a software issue.
  • Cortez Thompson 17m ago
    OK, I'm not the only one. I'm having the same issue.. really sucks.