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DR. ANDyROID     16m ago
Having trouble with something? Dr. ANDyROID can help ! !! !!!
49 10 4m ago
  • Kennedy Vaught 15m ago
    How did you start a new chat.huh,huh?!?!?!?!
  • DR. ANDyROID 15m ago
    Jut simply go back from this discussion and tap the marker icon in the down right corner.
  • Dave Watson 15m ago
    Hey Doc. How's it going. So I got a couple of questions about my Droid turbo that I was hoping you could answer
  • Dave Watson 15m ago
  • DR. ANDyROID 15m ago
    Okay shoot, hope I can help you out.
  • Alex Dawson 14m ago
    Do you know how to get access to the external sd card on marshmallow 6.0.1. Some how i lost the ability to save files from the internal memory on my tablet. Ive tried doing the confirmation select for the sd card over and over again. I can move files from it to my device but i cant write anything to it anymore.
  • Donnell Burch 14m ago
    Hi There! Got a bit of a pickle here. I bought a used LG Tablet from AT&T. I'm trying to get the hang of it, not an easy thing for a first timer could use a little help???
  • Debra James 11m ago
    Once upon a time, in a Samsung galaxy far away (S3 or S4), there was a wonderful feature to prevent over-exposure to cell phone blue light.

    I honestly can't remember if it was a phone feature or an app. What I DO remember is that I could set a time for auto shut down & start up. It was great! I didn't have to deal with annoying vibrations waking me up. For at least 6 hours, I rested without extra electromagnetic waves bombarding my cells micro-cellular structures.

    Bottom line: I really, Really, REALLY miss this feature. I'm currently using an S5 appreciate any assistance.
  • Jonathan Doyle 11m ago
    Hey doc, I have a Samsung 8.0 s2 tab and it received the nougat update today and for some reason none of my game apps will open. Can you help me?
  • Tony McCormick 4m ago
    OK I have a tab s that will randomly shut down and restart. Did a factory reset and cleared cache partitions and still doing it. Any help would be appreciated.