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Google Nexus 7
General Discussion
Teri Hason     48m ago
Is your Nexus 7 slow?
410 15 45m ago
  • Navneet Suresh 48m ago
    I have my Nexus up to date no issues here.
  • Derek Berndt 48m ago
    I would agree that KitKat seemed to fix any issues. Remember the device has a Tegra 3 only clocked at 1.3 GHz. It's not going to be the fastest on the market.
  • Brent Scheuerer 48m ago
    Metadata causes all computers to get slower with age.
  • Rubén Blanco 48m ago
    I still have Nexus 7 2012 and even though it's true the more junk you install the slower goes you can install junk cleaners and with a little bit of order my Nexus 7 is within his limitations fast.
  • Tom Steenhuysen 48m ago
    last time I updated my first generation Nexus 7 to kitkat it got too slow for use at first and then it went into a booting loop. I had to send it into Samsung to be able to have it reset.
    I am afraid to upgrade now.
  • Sahaj Kapoor 47m ago
    well I'm on android 4.4.2 its running fine I'll say.
  • Satrya Budi Pratama 47m ago
    no problem.. runs smooth
  • Petru Murzin 47m ago
    Yes, it's slow, laggy and I hate it. I'll keep it only because I don't have other choice
  • Tim Brinkley 47m ago
    Curious to know why or what Nexus 7 does "Samsung" service or ever made? Here I was thinking Asus made the Nexus 7 device in 2012 & 2013
  • Manik Bagh 46m ago
    i use the nexus 7 2012 , no problems during normal use, but lags while playing high end games like asphalt 8..what is the use of tegra 3 processor then??
  • Siva Prakash 46m ago
    all in update
  • Marco Würzi 46m ago
    mine is running cyanogenmod via Installer. runs great!
  • Neil White 46m ago
    Mine is very laggy since the OTA 4.4.4 update...
  • Rhianna Porter 46m ago
    Mine lagged terribly before KitKat! I was seriously considering getting a different tablet, but it is much better now! My Nexus 7 2012 never got the 4.4.3 update, but went straight to 4.4.4. Still lags at times when updating apps or downloading new apps, but I think that's because I'm an app junkie. CleanMaster app definitely has helped, too! It will show you what's running/slowing down the processor, clear junk files, show apps rarely/never used and uninstall them, among many other things! Also, in developer options, changing Animation Scales to .5x helped me before KitKat updates.