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Adrian Macias     43m ago
Battery life over night
280 9 25m ago
  • shady gab 43m ago
    Try to save you music photos and do a factory reset .. dont restore it after that .. it should work :)
  • Jeff Wright 43m ago
    Maybe it updates apps overnight because app updates take place on wifi
  • Scott Link 43m ago
    Reduce the amount of widgets and apps on your home screen. They are huge battery hogs
  • Sigurður Ingi Sigurðarson 42m ago
    Turn battery saver on, then your device automatically tirns WiFi off when you're not using it :)
  • Ross Nkama 41m ago
    There's either a battery hogging process which if running in the background or a problem with your software which i why i recommend a factory reset
  • Phillip Conner 41m ago
    When you go to sleep put your phone on air plane mode
  • Gokul Krishna 33m ago
    Well go to your Settings-> Battery -> Usage history(or.somethig like that). It will show which all applications are using maximum battery. If you have got any bloatwares installed, uninstall them. Meanwhile Read the following article too. It will definitely help.
  • Robert Bradford 25m ago
    I always put my LG in airplane mode. However, no one will be able to get in touch with you. I also use airplane mode when I'm taking a lot of pictures, or my battery life is in the red and I'm unable to get to a charger.