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raj rajah     40m ago
Best rom for g2
422 29 22m ago
  • Snir Klein 40m ago
  • Guillermo Lopez 40m ago
    Cm lolipop
  • Guillermo Lopez 40m ago
    Yo le puse CM con android 5.0 y anda muy bien, extraño el control remoto , pero la fluidez es impresionante, y eso que es una rom Alpha , esta a punto de sacar
  • Lior Yaccov 39m ago
    I want to stay with lg and choose cloudy
  • Josh Morrow 39m ago
    Resurrection Remix ROM. I'm running Lollipop 5.0.1 with this ROM on my AT&T LG G2 D800. You can get it here:
  • Roshan Isadeen 38m ago
    Resurrection remix rom seems to drain abit more battery than usual !
  • ვანო გავაშელიშვილი 38m ago
    josh morrow tell me, have this rom quick remote? or any quick app?
  • Erkin Eren 33m ago
    On my d802 use cloudy g3
  • Aadil Slim 30m ago
    Cm 12.1 am using it and its awesome make sure u flash an official cm from official website
  • Dawson Newman 30m ago
    Use the Resurrection Remix ROM. It's like a customized version of Cyanogen.
  • Soham Hazra 28m ago
    I have used all and personally prefer BlissPop ROM. Try it.
  • Rasim Smaili 26m ago
    Help. My LG G2 doesn't have imei says Service Disabled or doesn't have sim card it doesn't read sim where's the problem someone said it's motherboard or sim reader
  • Tariq Khan 26m ago
    Rasim visit the links below it might help you
  • Rasim Smaili 26m ago
    Tariq I have already read this article it couldn't help me, I don't even have LG service in my country.
  • Rasim Smaili 26m ago
    And I have black screen on my LG when it won't turn on and touch works
  • Rasim Smaili 26m ago
    Btw thanks
  • Tariq Khan 26m ago
    Glad to help you