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Jeff Wright     40m ago
184 5 26m ago
  • Nick Frankel 40m ago
    Same here but mine like when it's hot it works o have no idea like top part does it to like yours I just noticed that when it's warmer my phone top part worked
  • Almog Horowitz 38m ago
    I have the same problem. ..did you fix it?
  • alex holden 38m ago
    I had that problem a couple of months ago. It's a common problem with the LG G2. I had to get a replacement
  • Vikas Hussainpuri 38m ago
    Update your touchscreen firmware by dialing "3845#*802#" in dialpad. Replace 802 with your model number. It solved the problem for me.
  • michael mims 26m ago
    So how do you fix it