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ankit chhajer     42m ago
Best Launcher for LG g2?? Plz suggest
707 20 29m ago
  • Ricardo Martinez 42m ago
    I really like how Nova Launcher runs on my phone! Really made it feel brand new. If you want something really different Aviate runs pretty good too!
  • ankit chhajer 42m ago
    On which knock code works I.e on nova or aviate
  • Igor Gasenberger 41m ago
    Nova launcher is best, especially pro version
  • Snir Klein 41m ago
    Google now launcher or nova launcher
  • Steve Yang 41m ago
    I switch between Nova and Aviate. I like the simplicity of Aviate and the customizability of Nova.
  • Paul Hodges 41m ago
    I have been using CM Launcher for several months. It is small and fast.
  • Paul Hodges 41m ago
    Sorry, I meant Cheetah Launcher, not CM.
  • tyheme h 41m ago
    Go launcher
  • NHazwani Z 41m ago
    Apus launche
  • Carl Wahrmund 41m ago
    I have the GO Launcher, knock code works fine if you don't go with the GO Launcher lock screen
  • Serdar Büyükcırık 40m ago
    tsf shell launcher. its great
  • Anthony Ruiz 40m ago
    Next Launcher is beautiful
  • bea bea black 39m ago
    I have used Nova launcher for ever, luv, luv it, but I heard a little squeet about the improved Buzz launcher!
  • Erkin Eren 36m ago
    Go launcher i think:))
  • Vasanth Rajagopal 35m ago
  • Vikas Hussainpuri 34m ago
    Geak launcher is the best, just give it a try. U won't regret this
  • star new 34m ago
    L launcher
  • raj rajah 33m ago
    Nova is the launcher,,,,,
  • Sayyid Ayoub Kokabi 33m ago
    Only smart launcher . Easy, light, smart, nice
  • Robin Sahni 29m ago
    Nova is the best