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Jason Smith     34m ago
How to activate 4G on LG-D802?
71 4 33m ago
  • Gokul Krishna 33m ago
    Make sure your device is LTE(or 4G) supported
  • Jason Smith 33m ago
    It is supported. It even shows LTE as an option. But no 4G
  • Gokul Krishna 33m ago
    ahmm 4G and LTE are one and the same... LTE is just the path used for achieving 4G speeds. If its showing LTE, then it means you have 4G. If you cant connect, contact your ISP. If even they cannot help you, do a factory reset.
  • Vikas Hussainpuri 33m ago
    Are you on kitkat? If so, then, Type in dialer:

    3845#*802#,then the secret menu will come up...Then:

    1. Go to LTE-Only
    2. Modem Settings
    3. RAT Selection
    4. Select GSM / WCDMA / LTE auto or what ever selection you want

    Job done...

    P.S If you have another D80x just enter your model number instead " X " in dialer etc: 3845#*802 or 803 or xxx