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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Tips & Support
Yahya Khalid     47m ago
note 10.1 battery drained too much
139 9 16m ago
  • jorge marquez 47m ago
    You need to calibrate your battery there is a lot of apps for that in play store
  • Dennis Daniel 45m ago
    Use Battery Calibration from Play Store....
  • Patrick Otwinowski 45m ago
    Battery tools are most of the time useless and drain more power. A good way to low the energy drain is to freeze app you don't use. You must be root and use romtoolbox for that.
  • Patrick Otwinowski 45m ago
    I freeze all unwanted app such as s-calendar and so on. I also use this program and block app to launch at startup.
  • Patrick Otwinowski 45m ago
    Other tips are lower the screen bright (go to economic mode), stay in plane mode,..
  • ndukwulueze chukwuebuka 43m ago
    Ensure you are using a charger rated 5.3 vott
  • Nyasha Madanhi 37m ago
    Download battery doctor
    Dont use your device while charging, let the device charge for a bit before using it
    You can also power off the device while charging