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Samsung Galaxy Note 2
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Robert Cristian     41m ago
Samsung note 2 software update
492 11 29m ago
  • Al Sinleth 41m ago
    It depends on what update you're talking about ~
  • Robert Cristian 41m ago
    I want to do the 4.4.4 update . I just did the 4.4.2 update and it dosent have all the features i wanted
  • Al Sinleth 41m ago
    well, i just updated to the 4.4.4 .. Google the DN4 Rom , go to : , download the ROM , put it on your phone, reboot to recovery mode and wipe your data, install the zip file that you downloaded, then you'll get tye new update (: ..... you're welcome sir
  • Robert Cristian 41m ago
    Thank you very much i hope it will work
  • Prakash B 41m ago
    DN4 rom is superb rom
  • Al Sinleth 41m ago
    no problem (:
  • Ashit Vaniawala 40m ago
    We gusy just simply talking about note 2 update.General discussion. Instade we discuss dipper hv gv us proper reply.
  • zahid hajbani 38m ago
    Custome recovery not installed plz help me
  • Daniel Ghansah 34m ago
    I rooted and installed DN4 CUSTOM ROM and now i cant make or receive calls on my say no sim card . no mobile network and i have sim in it
  • Daniel Ghansah 34m ago
  • Gerardo Artavia Gutierrez 29m ago
    GalaxyNote2Root in that site can find lots of custom ROMS. I like Dr. Ketan which is a hybrid of S5 /Note3