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General Discussion
Samsung Galaxy Note 5
General Discussion
Jessica Cavalier     25m ago
Have the note 5? Ask your questions here!
330 26 17m ago
  • Abdul Haadi 25m ago
    No doubt it is amazing phone and it's working good now the thing i want to know what about the marshmallow update for UAE any idea ?
  • Dave Flagg 24m ago
    Got the marshmallow update in the USA today on the note5 with verizon
  • Gus Amal 24m ago
    Hi there, how can I stop app auto restart?!
  • Riaan Petersen 24m ago
    My note 5 keep on displaying S Pen detached is it normal because the pen is not detached.
  • merriell brown 24m ago
    My note5 speaker phone comes on when phone is answered
  • Andy Sweetser 24m ago
    I think I've accidentally disabled my note 5's ability to zoom recorded video during playback. Is this possible or am I mistaken about the note 5's ability to do this?
  • Jesse Diaz 23m ago
    I recently updated to marshmallow and now apps like iHeartRadio or tunein will not continue playing in the background. Any ideas? Thanks!
  • Amit Singh 22m ago
    After updating my predictive text option is gone. If u do a spelling mistake it just underline it with red colour and clicking on it will give u predictive word. Before when i type it showed predictive words on top of the keyboard. Help needed plz
  • Dexter Rigsby 21m ago
    My Note 5 began rebooting and it's often....5 times in as many hours. I wiped cache but it continues
  • David Baker 21m ago
    I love my Note5 except I have Bluetooth enabled Resound LinNX2-7hearing aides. Here’s the issue: iPhone allows Direct stereo streaming, which is available via the iOS platform, but is not currently available through Android platforms at this time. What a shame, almost makes me want to get an iPhone. I was told this was an Android restriction.
    Any idea when Android will allow such streaming?
  • Jessica Cavalier 21m ago
    Dexter. Try factory resetting the phone
  • Kristin Scull 21m ago
    I downloaded Dripp app now I have Green boxes showing up & overview, back,home,etc how do I get ride of it
  • Amanda Pham 21m ago
    Got a Note 5 trying to set up my icloud enter all the correct usernames and passwords and it keep on saying Authentication Failed. What did i do wrong turn the phone off change passwords still won't connect. Help
  • Amarjith sumajan 21m ago
    Hi jessica my note 5 shows Unf ortunately android system has stopped working... can u help me with this..
  • Amarjith sumajan 21m ago
    Without resetting any solution?
  • Amanda Pham 21m ago
    Absolutely hate the new updates i can't control my notification ringtone with the volume up and down. The screen is too white suck wish i never done that
  • Gentrit Biba 21m ago
    Is it safe to rot a note 5. I mean does it still recognises his pen. And if yes which custom rom is closest to stock android
  • Travis D Lindsey 19m ago
    I'm really confused I go to application manager and I see all these apps running that appear to be system apps meaning they can't be Uninstalled but they seem very shady and so many I don't even know that the type of service was Even invented,
  • Travis D Lindsey 19m ago
    How do you know so much
  • Robyn Miles Jansen 18m ago
    Why does my N5 back light randomly get bright for a few seconds and dim itself very low before returning to the original setting?