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Rooting & Hacks
Samsung Galaxy S4
Rooting & Hacks
LJ Davis     36m ago
How do you get root on Samsung s4
430 18 23m ago
  • Ronald Hyler 36m ago
    I used activeroot no pc needed depends on with version you are using i was on 4.2.1 it worked in one click then downloaded supersu, busybox, rootchecker,and make sure and backup your phone to sd card,cloud, or email
  • LJ Davis 36m ago
    4.4.4 version knox security
  • Ronald Hyler 36m ago
    Im having problems rooting my galaxy s5 active because it's on 4.4.4 also when i figure it out will let you know
  • Robin Goyal 36m ago
    Go to xda-developers and type your phone name. You'll be instructed how and what to do.
  • Teresa Jones 36m ago
    Is it better to root your galaxy 4? What is the difference in what your phone can do?
  • Jasper Deleersnijder 36m ago
    Use kingoroot really good app
  • sahal shaikh 36m ago
    U can use Odin
  • yisroel katz 36m ago
    With a rooted phone the possibilities are endless
  • Firdouse F.S 36m ago
    i am using Samsung s4 i9500... having latest lollipop update. . battery draining fast and overheating :(.. no idea what to do...... if i use any custom rom still der is a problems of another bugs.. pls help
  • Eddylee hall 34m ago
    I used Towelroot for my GS4s.
  • Terry Hile 32m ago
    I have a galaxy 4 with 5.0.1 OS. I don't have a PC or can find a safe approach to root it.
  • Minhal Al Ghousainy 26m ago
    I guess the most easiest way to get root is by downloading king root from the following link:
  • Evan Walker 23m ago
    Im having trouble to root my phonr
  • Evan Walker 23m ago
  • Minhal Al Ghousainy 23m ago
    Try kingroot
  • Evan Walker 23m ago
    I tryed and but not hard to try again thanks
  • Minhal Al Ghousainy 23m ago