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Samsung Galaxy S5
Tajinder Singh     37m ago
Update for S5
157 7 16m ago
  • Abishahb Sathish 37m ago
    Don't think it's on until April
  • Anatoliy Maslyanchuk 37m ago
    Anyone know if Lolipop or 5.0 update will be available for Galaxy S5?
  • Anatoliy Maslyanchuk 37m ago
    Nvm, i saw a post made about this already.
  • Bikash Luniya 37m ago
    Y they r not making lollipop update on s5
  • Vincent Samoisy 36m ago
    It's already out...
  • sindre espeland aase 36m ago
    I have Lollipop on my S5...
  • david aispuro 16m ago
    I have marshmallow on mine. Do got know is it'll get the 7.0 update?