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Software Updates
Sony Xperia Z1 LTE
Software Updates
Aadish Mohanan     39m ago
Android Lollipop?
248 10 34m ago
  • Michał Galas 39m ago
    I've heard about first half of year 2015.
  • lampseQP ! 39m ago
    The rollout of Android Lollipop for the Sony Xperia Z1 will start rollibg out next week to nordic and baltic areas, so stay tuned for some Lollipop!
  • Robert Morodan 38m ago
    The update for z1 has begun 2days ago!
  • Dash Blim 38m ago
    Since update lollipop my Z1 battery is lot better
  • Stefan Pantović 38m ago
    I agree with Dash Blim, power saving options are even better in lollipop, and battery lasts longer. The update was worth waiting.
  • Vitalijus Jasevicius 38m ago
    In what regions z1 update is available? anyboby knows how to find out this?
  • Stefan Pantović 38m ago
    I'm from Serbia and I have received the update last week.
  • Vitalijus Jasevicius 37m ago
    Is it worth it to upgrade to lollipop, having in mind all negative feedbacks?
  • Stefan Pantović 37m ago
    Not sure what negative feedback. It works fine for me. These days the fix should arrive for some problems, but I think that Lollipop is just on the spot.
  • Carlos Portes 34m ago
    Why my xperia z1 c6906 doesn't install the new system update available 14.4.A.0.157???