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  • Top 5: Most wanted Android apps for 2012

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    Last year was a breakout 12 months for Android. Google’s mobile OS became the most popular smartphone platform on the planet, the subject of numerous lawsuits and its Android Market boomed to include 400,000 app downloads.

    In 2012 we can expect many things from the world of Android with a new Jelly Bean operating system top of the list of forthcoming things to get excited about. There will also be a whole lot of apps which we’ll be reviewing and, on that note, we’ve decided to set forth a Top 5 compilation of games and utilities we’d like to get our hands on. Some will happen, might happen and some won’t happen but we can dream…


    This free retro camera app for iOS holds over 10 million registered users and it is definitively coming to Android in 2012. At present Instagram has “two people working on Android”, or at least that’s what Chief Executive Kevin Systrom said last December at the LeWeb conference in Paris. When Instagram does arrive on the Android scene, it will have to stand up against tough competition from the likes of Pixlr-o-matic and Paper Camera.

    Super Mario Android

    Last year, Android and iOS accounted for 60 per cent of the US portable gaming market. In 2012, Sony and Nintendo are likely tofind themselves with a further reduced market share. While Nintendo have so far staunchly refused to release any titles for Android, we wonder how long they’ll be able to maintain this position. A Super Mario title for Google’s smartphone OS would be especially nice to see.

    Nike+ GPS

    At present the Nike+ GPS app is under exclusive license to Apple, meaning Runkeeper is the best app for mapping your daily jog. For those of us with a Nike+ sensor and an Android smartphone, this is an annoying turn of events given how inferior the Nike Boom app has proved since its recent upgrade.

    Infinity Blade

    The Infinity Blade franchise has generated $20 million to date, so its absence from the Android Market is noticeable considering how many similar titles have emerged in an attempt to fill its place. The reason Chair Entertainment have offered for Infinity Blade’s iOS exclusivity is piracy on Google’s smartphone OS platform.

    In November, a spokesperson for Chair Entertainment commented, “We’re confident that [piracy] will be worked out and it will become a viable place for game developers, but that hasn’t happened yet. So it’s not the tech, it’s the business platform.”

    Microsoft Office

    Rumours have been ciculating for a while now that Microsoft is planning to cross the smartphone OS divide and release a suite of Office apps for Android and iOS devices. It’s already released a Bing app without creating a Windows Phone version, so the benefits of a vastly expanded ecosystem must already be crystal clear. If Windows Phone fails to build on its smartphone market share of 7 per cent by the end of 2012 Office’s transition to Android will be inevitable.


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