Samsung Epic 4G Touch Galaxy S2 Updates, News & Rumors
  • New Official ICS ROMs Leaked for Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100) and Samsung Epic 4G Touch

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    You’d better believe that Samsung is working on the upgrade to Android 4.0 for their flagship smartphones. It seems like we can’t go a week without seeing new Android 4.0 ROMs leaked for the device and we have another one today for two variants.

    The international I9100 version has gotten build I9100XXLPH, a step up from the I9100XXLPB build that came before it. It appears that both speed and battery life have been improved here.

    The other phone is the Samsung Epic 4G Touch, Sprint’s 4.5 inch variant. Build FB09 has been leaked and is already deodex’d and pre-rooted. Apprach the ROM with caution as ACS head chef ShabbyPenguin has had trouble booting past the kernel screen.

    He provides a possible fix but be careful regardless. Make backups and all that jazz before proceeding and remember that no one is responsible for what happens to your phone but yourself. Get going! [I9100 Leak via PocketNow, E4GT Leak (thanks, Alex!)]


I'm really ,like my friends (online and off )had it with these rumours about galaxy s2 getting updated !.In future could you please make this a published fact and not a published 'RUMOUR' ,the word you like to annoy us with !.Enough is enough !. People have actually turning up at the shop they bought their phone thinking there was a problem with it on 1st March cause you said on drip the I.C.S.would download on 1st March !I've had it !.Samsung rumours !!!.You don't know how many people have sought technical help and let down !.I'd watch your editor if I wished to keep my companys good name .