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  • Avatron Air Display – The Future Of Dual Monitors?

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    Many of us feel the need to increase our space to work and play when using our computers. One way people do this is by buying a second monitor – but if you’ve already got a tablet, it might seem a little wasteful to buy yet another screen. This is where the Avatron Air Display comes into play.

    Air Display is an app that allows you to use your Android device as a wireless second screen. It’s an easy and quick way to gain more space using your existing device. From the outset, this application looks brilliant. Let’s hope it lives up to its expectations…


    This app’s main function is to turn your Android device into a second monitor for your computer. It’s available for Windows and Mac, and can be used wherever and whenever you want, for a range of different tasks.

    For this app to work the only necessary requirement is that both your desktop and device are connected to the same Wi-Fi connection. Therefore, it will only be of benefit during home and work life, never on the move. (But then, would you ever need a second monitor on the go?) It’s perfect for everyday use.

    Simple setup instructions make it a snap to use

    For those that already use dual monitors, don’t fret! Air Display can be used as a third monitor.

    Ease of Use

    I have been using this application for just over a week and I’m totally impressed. The app is one of the simplest to use I’ve ever seen; after downloading the application on my PC and Tablet I was ready to go. Within 10 minutes of discovering this, I was set up and using it alongside my main screen.

    The screen was always highly responsive and I only ever experienced a small amount of jitter when loading up. It’s been totally reliable and has never let me down so far – a very successful experience.

    My Windows desktop, extended to my Android tablet.

    The only limitation I found was that the application did not have the ability to play videos on your Android device. You could attempt to do so, but the playback was so laggy that it wasn’t worth bothering. The second monitor is best suited to programs such as Twitter, web searches and small utility tasks.

    Throughout the past week, I have used it for a range of different application and jobs, using it for easy access to my email, music and text documents. Probably my favourite feature is that the app is wireless, meaning I can take my tablet anywhere in my house and keep using it as a second monitor. Being able to show my pictures to anyone within the house by mirroring the screens was a huge benefit.

    Problems Experienced By Users

    Although I have not experienced any problems during my time with Air Display, the user reviews on the Play Store highlight some key issues which other users have experienced. As I continue to use this application I hope none of these problems crop up, but they apparently do exist and may affect you:

    • PC freezes when disconnecting, forcing people to restart.
    • Permanently reverting Windows themes to Windows 7 Basic.
    • Problems with Xoom + Windows 7, causing the app to crash.
    • Problems with Mac, causing the App to shrink the screen.
    • The app isn’t available on some Android Devices, due to the specs required.

    I highly recommend reading through the reviews before buying the app, in case of any problems reported with your specific setup.

    I must point out that there are many good reviews which paint it in a good light, proving that it does work for the majority of users. And, as I say, I’ve had no issues.

    An extremely good point raised is that the customer service and technical team behind the application are great. Easy to contact, quick responses and very efficient to help you.

    Setting up Air Display on OS X

    The developers, Avatron, offer some other useful apps which help with printer sharing and cloud file storage. Unfortunately, these are current only available for Apple devices. In the future I hope these are ported to Android as well.


    This application has a brilliant concept which works efficiently and effectively. As an easy and cheap alternative to buying a second monitor, this is definitely worth the $10 price tag.

    However, this app has produced some problems with other users. I am sure these will be fixed by the developers as they are releasing new updates and patches all the time, so your money is not going to waste.

    All in all, this application is an investment you won’t regret, helping you to create a better space for your needs and being as portable as a mobile phone. The tablet was an innovation which created a special type of computing experience but now this app allows your tablet to actually be the computer.