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  • The Week in Android

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    Getting ready to draw the veil over another exceptional week in the Life of Android, it’s time once more for another sumptuous summing up of the news and reviews that have caused the critics to label the last five days on this very site ‘that first week in October’.

    As we like to keep up with all current trends, both technological and otherwise, it may also interest you to learn that every article featured this week was actually written Gangnam Style, something which, if you don’t know the dance in question, was a lot more difficult and lacking in all dignity that you might imagine.

    However, middle-aged joints now properly ground to a fine powder, the weekend is here and we can rest up for two days now before continuing our very own digital danse macabre on Monday – that’s how it comes across when we do it, anyway.

    But, before then, get a load of this little lot…



    Sim City meets post zombie apocalypse in brilliant blaze of building and brain-eater bypassing. Recruit survivors, clear the overly animate corpses, build bars and make yourself the mayor of the meat in this addictively fresh take on the whole rotting oeuvre. How did we do? Zed’s dead, baby…


    A true bit of app ingenuity that can save all and sundry on your smartphone and your sex-life to boot (that’ll make more sense when you head here) Dumpster is an absolute essential for anyone with an over-developed delete finger.

    Jetpack Joyride

    Fire up for fun as this new Friday favourite takes a simple side scrolling platform player and boosts it to the next level thanks to good graphics, a one touch interface and upgrades and excitement galore. Head here to check out the full up and downs, then go test your timing and – just like that Doctor Who episode – don’t blink!


    Pocket PC for Smart TV

    The most intelligent iteration of the stick PC yet, the Favi SmartStick not only offers pocket-sized Android OS computing via USB, it can also transform your bog standard TV into an internet-toting, app-tastic Smart telly in seconds!

    Avengers Assemble on the Cards

    Proving that it’s not just the wicked that get no rest, the Lycra-loving men and women of Marvel are to be rolled out once more as new card-battler Marvel: War of Heroes prepares for an October 11th launch.

    PS. We Love You

    As today celebrates the 50th anniversary of the release of The Beatles first single, here we playfully paraphrase the title of the B-side to bring equally exciting news of a brand new release: PlayStation Mobile. Offering PS games for Android, it’s now playtime all the time…

    Absolute Android Power

    Of course all these extra apps are going to play havoc with your device’s battery life, so take no chances when stuck away from the mains, arm yourself with a powered up pocket battery bank: the Innergie PocketCell.

    Data to Go with Buffalo

    A streaming dream ready to revolutionise your day to day data, the MiniStation Air is not just a portable 500GB wireless storage device for all your media, linked into your Wi-Fi network, get ready for full remote access on the go.


    Right, it’s time once more to say adieu and go our separate ways for the weekend. But fear not, stout yeomen of the Google guard, because we’ll be back on Monday with even more quality cream fresh from the Android udder. Unless, of course, you fear the idea of an Android udder, in which case we can but apologise…


Why can't I get the 4.0 update? This phone is the same as Desire and they got the update. Why am I getting left behind by HTC? I bragged for years just to be left behind? This will influence my next buying decision and advice I give. HTC please help me.