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  • Minecraft – Pocket Edition

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    The Story

    Minecraft is an Android app designed to let your imagination run wild. You are unleashed in a 3D landscape with the capability to create almost anything your mind can envision. There’s no competitive element to this app but for now this is still a pretty good download.

    The Experience

    Minecraft’s Pocket Edition is an adaptation of the original Java game for PC with the crucial exception of its Survival mode. This there’s no reward or end objective for building a paradise out of multi-coloured blocks other than your own sense of personal satisfaction, so you’ll have to hold a strong nostalgia for your old Lego kit or really fancy yourself as an architect to get hooked.

    Those who view Minecraft’s £4.29 asking price as no barrier to entry will find plenty of fun in this sandbox app. Every time you load up a new map a different arrangement of rock, grass, water and ice will appear before you which you can use as a base for developing your new habitat or completely demolish before doing your own thing.

    While Minecraft’s 3D graphics are meant to be blocky by design, they are by far from the best we’ve seen on an Android. On the other hand, its controls are exceptionally good with the D-pad engineered to be spot on sensitivity wise. Considering Duke Nukem 3D failed so spectacularly at the same task when we tested it just a week ago, it’s heartening to see this control system come fully realised on a smartphone.

    Ultimately, we can’t help but feel Minecraft is a little incomplete without any sort of challenge aspect in place. Mojang are planning to implement Survival mode for the app’s next update, so we’ll come back and reassess things when that’s in place. For now, there’s so much room left for innovation with this app that it would be a shame to see things stand still as they are now.


    The Bottom Line

    An Android construction app for smartphone creatives which is missing Survival mode.

    Additional Info

    Requires Android 2.1 or higher

    Download the Minecraft – Pocket Edition app from Android Market

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