Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Updates, News & Rumors


Glad to hear that Samsung will be releasing JB for Tab P6800...but it is be very late...eversince I owned this P6800, I realized that Samsung has released several model of android smartphones and tablets, and the official firmwares updates release always extremely the ICS, I got the news of ICS firmware upgrade for P6800 around last year 2012 april...but official released was on 2012 october, it takes several months to get it done.

hi moses, i have a tab6800 too and i had my share of hassles of being upgraded to ICS, after upgrading to ICS last year, i cant play flash powered sites, i cant watch movies and other videos on my tab. i fixed it manually by installing a flash player. i believe it its due to flash does not support ics. i wonder if upgrading to jelly bean is worth installing. what is the difference and how many are the added features of jelly bean. if it only has the same features, maybe the interface will change for a new look. apart from that, jelly bean should have a big offer to the users. if not, im not keen on upgrading to jelly bean, i might have problems again with flash or something like that. ics is good already.