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  • Download Fashion Icon Girl Role-playing game Free from Gameloft

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    Fashion Icon is a completely reliable take on the “Top Girl” Role-playing game, if not specifically original one.

    Fashion Icon Girl Role-playing game
    Gameloft’s Fashion Icon takes the Top Girl Role-playing game and delivers it to Android, with lavish graphics and a modest gameplay turn. Most Leading Girl games are about tracking down the best outfits and serving your competitors, but Fashion Icon adds in the idea that you are a fashion blogger at huge in Paris.

    Fashion Icon Girl Role-playing game

    In training, this quantities to being ready to update a “blog” you can force out to your friends list after you finish and edit your in-game status. It does not change the feel of the game very much, but is still worth noting as the game’s framing device.

    Fashion Icon Girl Role-playing game

    Usually, Fashion Icon is an incredibly regular Top Girl-type game, one that is very similar of Crowdstar’s It Girl. You’re efficiently playing an Role-playing game, but the genre’s conventional dungeons and fights are changed with high-end designer shopping and events.

    Download Fashion Icon Girl Role-playing game Free – Google Play Link

    Each party has design demands that demand the player wear an outfit value a a number of points in one of the game’s 3 basic designs.

    Watch the Actual Gameplay Video Trailer Below:

    Amazingly detailed graphics. Gameplay provides an attractive variety of activities. Runs well and is not a large drain on battery life.
    Loading times and large number of launching screens is a bit absurd. Instead high quantity of clothing items that need real money. Game is generally a clone of Crowdstar’s It Girl.